We can take a look under the hood

When buying a “pre-owned” car, get a pre-purchase inspection so you know exactly what you are buying.  Whether spending $5,000 or $50,000, an inspection by a qualified professional who is familiar with the car you are looking to purchase is a wise investment.

Here at Europa, we take the time to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and then provide you with a complete write up of our findings.  Our role is to provide you with everything you need to negotiate your best deal.  No one wants the car of their dreams turning into a nightmare.

What we inspect:

  • Engine & Power-train: performance, fluid leaks, maintenance
  • Steering & Suspension: struts, springs, power steering system operation and fluid condition
  • Brakes & Tires: squeaks and squeals, pad life, rotor condition, caliper operation, tread life and tire condition
  • Electrical: Lights, window and lock operations and a complete interrogation of the vehicle’s modules for any faults (not every error code your system records will result in a light showing up on the dash, but they can often be indicative of a pending failure)
  • Heating and Air conditioning: temperature and blower operations
  • Consumer features: interior condition, radio, heated seats, sunroof and other interior features

In addition, we will check the vehicle history for any major services that may be due, open recalls or other published items of which you should be aware.

At Europa,  we have years of experience with all European vehicles including BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Volvo.  We are also familiar with popular car lines such as Subaru, Acura, Ford, Infiniti and others that our customers have in their family garages.  We are not afraid to tell when you walk away from a deal.  In our opinion, if we don’t tell you what cars to avoid, we are not doing our job.   If you still decide to buy that car you fell in love with, you will fully understand what you are buying.

We work with customer both near and far.  In this day of internet car shopping,  we are often the eyes for someone looking to buy a car that is far away from them.  Call us for an appointment to have your prospective purchase checked out before you sign the bottom line.

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