Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

Knowing your vehicle is running in tip-top shape can be the difference between enjoying every minute of your driving experience verses dreading your daily ride to work.  Cars these days have the following Pros and Cons.

  • Monitors that tell you when your next oil change is due or how many miles are left on your brake pads can help keep your car running like new.
  • Engines are finely tuned and computer controlled to get the best performance with the lowest emissions.
  • Features for hands free calls, automated environmental controls and navigation systems all enhance the driving experience.
  • When something goes wrong, it often takes a highly trained technician to diagnose and properly repair these systems.

bmw service


Newer BMW’s and other European cars will have 60 or more computers built into every vehicle.  If your current shop does not have trained and qualified personnel, how much are you paying to train your mechanic verses fixing your vehicle?  At Europa, we have not only factory trained technicians, but utilize the latest diagnostic equipment to help insure an accurate diagnosis of the ever more complex systems inside of today’s vehicles.  Call us today if you have warning lights lit on the dash or your car is making funny noises.  We’ll perform a proper diagnosis to fix your car the right way at the right price.

Why we charge for Diagnostic Services

A “free” diagnosis from an auto parts store that wants to sell you parts is worth as much as you paid, and sometimes even less.  The charge for diagnosis time pays not only for the technician, but also the service bay that cannot be used for other repairs and for the diagnostic equipment and monthly subscription fees for each car line that we service.   While not cheap, without these tools you can spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily chasing a problem.  At Europa, we don’t throw parts at cars; we diagnosis the problem, and replace only what is needed.

In comparison, you don’t take free advice from your pharmacists about a surgery, you pay for a visit to specialist.  It is no different with your car.

Audi, Volkswagen, & BMW service available at Europa Auto Care in Parma Heights, Ohio.