We can take a look under the hood

When buying a “pre-owned” car, get a pre-purchase inspection so you know exactly what you are buying.  Whether spending $5,000 or $50,000, an inspection by a qualified professional who is familiar with the car you are looking to purchase is a wise investment.

Here at Europa, we take the time to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and then provide you with a complete write up of our findings.  Our role is to provide you with everything you need to negotiate your best deal.  No one wants the car of their dreams turning into a nightmare.

What we inspect:

  • Engine & Power-train: performance, fluid leaks, maintenance
  • Steering & Suspension: struts, springs, power steering system operation and fluid condition
  • Brakes & Tires: squeaks and squeals, pad life, rotor condition, caliper operation, tread life and tire condition
  • Electrical: Lights, window and lock operations and a complete interrogation of the vehicle’s modules for any faults (not every error code your system records will result in a light showing up on the dash, but they can often be indicative of a pending failure)
  • Heating and Air conditioning: temperature and blower operations
  • Consumer features: interior condition, radio, heated seats, sunroof and other interior features

In addition, we will check the vehicle history for any major services that may be due, open recalls or other published items of which you should be aware.

At Europa,  we have years of experience with all European vehicles including BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Volvo.  We are also familiar with popular car lines such as Subaru, Acura, Ford, Infiniti and others that our customers have in their family garages.  We are not afraid to tell when you walk away from a deal.  In our opinion, if we don’t tell you what cars to avoid, we are not doing our job.   If you still decide to buy that car you fell in love with, you will fully understand what you are buying.

We work with customer both near and far.  In this day of internet car shopping,  we are often the eyes for someone looking to buy a car that is far away from them.  Call us for an appointment to have your prospective purchase checked out before you sign the bottom line.

Audi Volkswagen, BMW Pre Purchase Inspection in Parma Heights, Ohio. Europa Auto Care, European Auto Repair specialists serving the greater Cleveland Akron area

Here at Europa, we can address any alignment needs of you vehicle.  We use state of the art equipment and adhere to the highest level of workmanship.  We routinely perform the manufacturer recommended procedure for a BMW weighted 4 wheel alignment and for aligning a Mercedes-Benz 4-Matic system.  Our services give you confidence that your car will drive straight and you will get the maximum life from tires.

Why perform an alignment?

There are three reasons why you will need an alignment for your car:

  • To correct any settings outside of the manufacturer specifications due to normal wear and tear.  In Northeast Ohio, ‘normal’ wear and tear includes the abuse your suspension takes from potholes that appear every year.  If your car drifts to one side when going on a straight road, it may be time for an alignment is needed.
  • When you change the tires on you vehicle.  Whether buying new tires or swapping your seasonal tires, the variations in the size between the old and new tires will alter the alignment specifications. Performing an alignment will help maximize the life of your tires.
  • To introduce performance specific settings for those who enjoy a more spirited driving whether on or off the track.

How is alignment measured?

The three major settings for your vehicles alignment are based on Toe, Camber and Caster.  You can think of them as the following:

  • Toe:  The direction your tires are pointed.  Adjustments of this setting alters how far left or right the tire points in relation to the actual direction or travel.  Bumping a curb or a large pot hole can alter this setting or even bend a steering component.
  • Camber:  The tilt of you tires.  This can often change on higher mileage cars as the suspension ages.  For example, a worn or broken spring will cause excessive wear on the inner portion of the tire tread.  This is why we inspect before aligning.
  • Caster: How far forward and backward the tire is in relation to the wheel well.  Not all cars allow for this adjustment or it may take special bolts in order to adjust this setting.

When you bring your car to Europa, we inspect your suspension prior to performing an alignment.  This insures that all components are up to the task of keeping the car’s alignment once it is off the alignment machine.  Worn bushings, broken or sagging springs and other such items should be replaced prior to an alignment being performed.   Why spend money on ‘tuning’ the alignment of your vehicle if it cannot hold those settings once it leaves our shop?  Feel confident in you cars ride – call us today to set an appointment. Whether driving a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo or other European vehicle, you can feel confident that the job will be done right.

Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

Knowing your vehicle is running in tip-top shape can be the difference between enjoying every minute of your driving experience verses dreading your daily ride to work.  Cars these days have the following Pros and Cons.

  • Monitors that tell you when your next oil change is due or how many miles are left on your brake pads can help keep your car running like new.
  • Engines are finely tuned and computer controlled to get the best performance with the lowest emissions.
  • Features for hands free calls, automated environmental controls and navigation systems all enhance the driving experience.
  • When something goes wrong, it often takes a highly trained technician to diagnose and properly repair these systems.

bmw service


Newer BMW’s and other European cars will have 60 or more computers built into every vehicle.  If your current shop does not have trained and qualified personnel, how much are you paying to train your mechanic verses fixing your vehicle?  At Europa, we have not only factory trained technicians, but utilize the latest diagnostic equipment to help insure an accurate diagnosis of the ever more complex systems inside of today’s vehicles.  Call us today if you have warning lights lit on the dash or your car is making funny noises.  We’ll perform a proper diagnosis to fix your car the right way at the right price.

Why we charge for Diagnostic Services

A “free” diagnosis from an auto parts store that wants to sell you parts is worth as much as you paid, and sometimes even less.  The charge for diagnosis time pays not only for the technician, but also the service bay that cannot be used for other repairs and for the diagnostic equipment and monthly subscription fees for each car line that we service.   While not cheap, without these tools you can spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily chasing a problem.  At Europa, we don’t throw parts at cars; we diagnosis the problem, and replace only what is needed.

In comparison, you don’t take free advice from your pharmacists about a surgery, you pay for a visit to specialist.  It is no different with your car.

Audi, Volkswagen, & BMW service available at Europa Auto Care in Parma Heights, Ohio.

Wheels & Tires

We can fine-tune your car

bmw wheels & tires

Audi, Volkswagen, & BMW Wheels & Tires. Europa Auto Care, European Auto Repair specialists serving the greater Cleveland Akron area.

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