How Can I Protect My Car During Winter?

With Winter in full swing here in Cleveland, your car must deal with all of the nasty elements. Using the windshield wipers to clear off all the snow, braking more often because of slippery streets, potholes, and driving through salt and other ice prevention mixtures.

Your car tests its limits a lot during this time of year. Jimmy Oldja, of Europa Auto Care, says “Ultimately we want you to have peace of mind, we want you to know that when you get in your car, it will start and it will get you to where you need to go.” So, what does Jimmy recommend you should do to protect your vehicle from the winter weather?


One of the most important aspects of driving in winter weather are your tires. They make your car move and stop, and without proper traction these two things become difficult when the road is icy and/or snowy. Having winter tires on your car can help prevent slipping and sliding while on the road. When it gets cold outside, the rubber on your tires begins to get hard. When this happens, the wheels do not have much traction on the road which means you may have a harder time starting and stopping as you drive.

Snow tires are specifically made for the cold weather and maintain an amount of flexibility in the winter that summer or even year-round tires wont. Snow tires do not harden up in the winter and can dig into the road, through the slush, to help you keep traction.

Defroster, Windshield Wipers, and Hazards

There are also the little things you should check, that play an important role in winter driving. Jimmy says that at Europe Auto Care, their vehicle inspection will “make sure that all the safety systems are doing what they need to do so when that car leaves the shop, I don’t have to worry all night about that customer, and that is what we strive to do all the time.”


The body of your car can take a beating during the winter months as well. We know that salt is bad for your car, but you may not be aware of a spray that is sometimes used on roads called brine. Brine is a spray that works great to get ice off the road and is cheaper than salt. The negative is the toll it takes on your car. As you drive, brine on the road can be splashed up on your car and can cause some nasty corrosion to occur. The best way to treat this is by making sure your car has some wax as a way to protect the body.

Europe Auto Care uses a special wax that will help keep salt and brine from getting trapped on your car causing rust. It is a simple solution to make sure your car is protected from rust and corrosion.

Don’t let winter weather ruin your car this holiday. Take these steps now to prevent problems that come up during this time of year.


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